my hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me
so won't you kill me
... so i die HAPPY

Sunday, November 18, 2007 for michael!

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Monday, January 15, 2007 ncae. gawd.

Oh my.. it's three days before your ncae.. (that's National College Assesment Examination) If I don't pass, I'll only be allowed to take a vocational or any two-year course.. My first choice is Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Huhyz.. But I don't want to make any conclusions. I'll do my best just to pass that god-foresaken exam.. What's weird is, the school I'm going to take an entrance examination for college has an easier test.. This NCAE thing is so crucial that it could change my life. I know it would 'coz the moment I fail, I have to start over being a senior or else I have to take a 2-year course.. And then the moment I graduate, I'm not sure if many companies will have me as an employee. T_T Grr!! I have to study.. and I'm just relaxing myself that's why I went online, even though I have to study.

Anyway, I'm very happy because my boyfriend is supporting me. He even gave tutored me on Math.. because that's what kills me the most. *sigh*

Oh yeah, and this was the date that I broke up with my ex last year. Haha! May he rest in fish.. I mean peace.. >:)

Hmm.. I don't have anything to type down. I ran out of thoughts.. Haha!! See you later!


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Thursday, January 11, 2007 forlorn

Ways to Break a Girl's Heart..

10. don't give her gifts of appreciation.
9. ignore her.
8. stop telling her that you love her.
7. keep your distance from her.
6. avoid holding her hand, or any sensual physical contact.
5. start getting linked to other girls.
4. stop asking how she was.
3. avoid having time for her and when she asks why, tell her that you are busy.
2. when you are together, make her feel that you are cold.

and the worst thing that can break a girl's heart is when you

1. lie to her.

A girl's heart is fragile. When a guy starts courting the girl, he would do anything just to get a hold of her and make her his girl. But when the two of them get hooked up, the girl would do anything to prolong their relationship and keep them in love and together. There are some things a guy does that really captures a girl's heart. Sometimes, it's the things that are not that obvious. 'Great things come in small packages'. A simple smile can make her day. A simple hug can make her week. A simple call can make her month. A simple kiss can make her year. A girl knows better in a replationship. There's no doubt in that. Guys can be unreasonable sometimes, but then the girl understands and forgives him. If your really love a girl, you would never lie to her.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007 garcia.

biboy. queso.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007 chavez.

miggy. chocisci.

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the wandering..

Have you ever felt that you were an inch from death?
I have. It was a weird experience but I got through it. It's like your like could've slipped away at that exact moment but it grabbed you so tight that you didn't let it get away. I have been in that situation a lot of times, and I'm only 15. I can describe myself as fragile because one little heart-breaking scenario could cost me my life. I know it's a bit dramatic, and I know I'm too young to be saying these stuff, but then it's me and I have nothing against myself.

Another life-ruining thing that can happen to you any moment is lose the person you love. It's a very complicated feeling. It's like you want to die but then you don't because you want to get back to that person or hold on to your feriends. Loving someone is like wanting to give everything to that person. You cherish him or her everyday. You want to know how his or her day went.. How they were on that day.. If they have eaten their meal or not.. If they are feeling well.. And so on.. In my case, I think I have gone too far. I can't say that I am obsessed but then it's a very weird feeling. And because of that, I might loose the person I love this very week.

I have gone far enough. I know it. I can cry my heart out but then nothing will happen.. nothing will change.

Why is it that when guys hurt a girl, she'll forgive him right away.. But then when the guy is the one hurt, it might take forever to be forgiven.. I am not blaming anyone. I know it's my fault. But then why has he gone cold? I can feel from his text messages that he's not that okay with me texting him. I know it's a bit wrong for me to say these things.. but then I think it's the truth. I asked him, and he told me it was okay.. I know it's not. Everytime I reply an 'ok', he wouldn't reply back. Why? Is it because he doesn't ahev anyting to say anymore? Hmm.. It might be the reason but then he never runs out of anything to say on times we're okay.. On times he's okay with me. I told him I'm not feeling good.. why is it that it's like he doesn't have a care in the world? Why? Even though he's mad doesn't mean that he has to take away his care..

If ever you're reading, I want to clear that I am not complaining. I am simply pouring out my feelings. Sooner or later I know this blog post will loose it's sense, because I know we'll be okay soon. You're not that harsh. And if you were, you might've broken up with me ages ago. I know you love me, and I love you back. We all make mistakes, let this mistake of mine not ruin the relationship we have. I have learned from this experiance, and I know you have, too. I have said 'sorry' a million times, and I know you're tired of it. I am trying to change. Believe me. I hate myself so much that I want to be somebody else.

I don't want to die. I don't want to loose the people I have now. I know I'm blessed coz I have so many friends, so many people who loves me, so many people to love. I want all my problems to just blow away and leave me alone. I want to change myself.


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Tuesday, January 02, 2007 holidays.. gawd.

It's 2007 and I don't feel an inch different. It's been a long while since I posted something here. Something's wrong with DSL and I can't update that much. Our phone's still down. Grr.. anyways, here are some stuff I got last Christmas..

1. Money. (haha)
2. Lip Gloss.
3. Lip Gloss set.
4. A Perfume that smells like D&G Light Blue. (well, it's actually for my brother, but I told him it's for women so he gave it to me.)
5. a cute handbag.

the most valuable gift I recieved was..
A rosary bracelet. It's green because it's peridot, which is my birthstone. It was from my boyfriend and he got it from Blue Magic.

the weirdest gift I recieved was..
three (3) pairs of g-string underwears. Haha! I can't believe I put that here.. But it's a gift so I have to. It was from my aunt. Hmm.. I dunno when I'm gonna wear that thing. It's so weird because I have no plans in life to try on a g-string underwear.

So those were it. If I missed some stuff, I'll try to put it here again when I remember. Hehe..

So it's 2007, what better way to start it than blurt out my resolutions.
1. i'll to give time to my friends more. I spent the previous year with my boyfriend, so I'll try to give way to my girls.
2. decide where I'm gonna study in college and the course I'm gonna take up. I have to do this asap because March is coming sooner than I expected.
3. study up. haha. that always on my list.
4. save up some money. I don't know how but I have to.
5. stop spending. that's pretty much like the 4th one.
6. try not to be too hard-headed. I don't want to be pasaway anymore.
7. try not to be moody. My boyfriend doesn't like it and I don't like it. Why not change it.
8. try to go to band gigs. haha! it's not that good, but it is to a fan.
9. listen to the teacher when he/she is lecturing. stop pulling out mobile phone while class is going on.
and last but not the least.. ('coz I can't think of anything anymore..)
10. try to look and be mature. I'm 15 years old and pretty soon I'll be a high school graduate, rather, a college student. I have to put myself together!

there.. ten new year's resolutions i typed down on-the-spot.

here's the last part of my post.. the thank-yous.

I want to thank my classmates, iv-alexandrite, for being the people I laugh with and turn to when I want to be cheered up. You guys make every school hours fun and worthwhile. You make me smile, you make me happy. To alexie, yeye, coleen, rossette, yhaelle, for being the people I talk to while the class is going on. To geli, yhaelle, for the laughtrips and making every trip to the futbolan astig and something I always look forward to at the end of the class. To the guys, al, jed, jessen, daryl, for sometimes going with us on futbol trips and trips to the ice candy-han. To potpot, when I don't have anyone to make fun of, I look at you. haha! To jigo, jason, godeng, even though we're not that close anymore, I can still talk to you guys. To my tropa, tintin, geli, yhaelle, for the laughtrips, foodtrips, walktrips and everything. For always being there to share a shot. Haha! For always listening to me when I have something to say, for being there when I have problems. To dhone and rossette, for hanging out with us and being the people I can ask advice from. To my insan, mara, for listening to me when I have problems. For sharing your thoughts and advices. Of course I have to thank allain and mina, for being the people responsible why I have the things I have now. Last but defiantely not the least, I have to thank michael for being one of the best person I've ever met. For understanding me, for loving me, for giving me everything, for holding on. Woo.. February's coming close. :)

There. If there are some people I've missed, please remember that I am still thankfult hat you are a part of my life. Even though I haven't added your name doesn't mean that I am taking you for granted. I am still thankful and I feel blessed that I have you guys.

Okay that's it. You all have a great year okay? Muah!


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Thursday, December 21, 2006 Christmas wishes..

Wow.. I just realized.. this is my first December post.. hmm.. a lot of things happened--good and bad, i mean, good and worst. I have a big problem and it sucks 'coz christmas is coming soon. Hindi na nga ako nakapag simbang gabi eh. Nawala lahat ng plans plans ko. Nasira lahat. And hindi man lang ako nakapag explain.

What really happend was just a big misunderstanding. There. Period! It was nothing else! I was in that room with him and my sister. God! Hmm.. I'm scared of three things..

First of all..
Hindi ko xa makakasama sa Christmas. Hayz..

Everything might change. Which is currently happening.

Last but not the least..
I may not be there with him on his birthday. Grabe! Birthday na niya un! Pag hindi kami nagkita.. I'll be devastated.. kce nung birthday ko, anjan xa. Tapos ngeong bday nia, hindi ako makakapunta.. I mean.. grabeh na un ah.. hayz..

Somehow I can't stop crying. I dunno why. Cguro kce nagagalit samin sa isang reason na hindi naman totoo.

Wa! I'm mumbling things some poeple can't understand.. Xempre hindi naman ako nag explain eh tsaka hindi ko nakuwento sa inyo ung nangyari. I can't. It't between me, my boyfriend and my mom.. Xempre kasama na dun cguro ung mga kapatid ko. Haayz!!

Sana nakapag explain ako. Sana nagawa ko yun bago na ako ma-punish. Sana hindi na kami nag Monopoly. Hay nako talaga!

I don't want to end this post.. kasi this is the only thing that can help me release pressures. Wala na nga akong masabi eh.. Coz I don;t want to offend anyone. I don't want to hurt anyone. Hayz..

Sana.. sa pasko.. okay na lahat..
hindi man lahat,, okay na ung maraming bagay..
We're willing to apologize kce mei mali rin kami..
pero sana.. please.. let us explain..
whatta christmas..
this is one of my most complicated xmas ever..
hay naku!!

it's the only thing i can do nowadays..
and cry..


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